General Assembly 2022 – Livestream

The 2022 General Assembly was held from Saturday 21 May until Thursday 26 May. It was a hybrid event, with some attending Assembly Hall and others participating online. The proceedings were also be livestreamed on this page.

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Catch up on worship, reports and debates from the 2022 General Assembly.

Reports and documents

The reports that will be presented to this year's General Assembly are now available on our reports page.

The full Volume of Reports, Accounts, Order of Proceedings and other documents related to the 2022 General Assembly are now available on our publications page.

Order of business

Wednesday 25 May 2022 – Witness and Service Day
Session 11: 9.15 am

  1. Constitution of Assembly.
  2. Report of the Procedure Committee.
  3. Report of the Committee to draft a reply to Her Majesty’s Most Gracious Letter.
  4. Report of the Committee on Chaplains to HM Forces (Reports 20/1).

Session 12

  1. Report of the Social Care Council (Reports 21/1).
  2. Report of the Church of Scotland Guild (Reports 22/1).
  3. Report of the Iona Community Board (Reports 23/1).

Session 13: 2.00 pm

  1. Report of the General Trustees (Reports 24/1).
  2. Report of the Safeguarding Committee (Reports 25/1).

Thursday 26 May 2022 – Looking Back and Looking Forward Day
Session 14: 9.15 am

  1. Constitution of Assembly.
  2. Report of the Procedure Committee.
  3. Report of the Nomination Committee (Reports 26/1).
  4. Report of the Selection Committee if required.
  5. Report anent Deceased Ministers, Missionaries and Deacons.
  6. Report of the Assembly Business Committee.
  7. Act appointing the next General Assembly to meet on Saturday 20 May 2023.
  8. Remaindered business if required.

Session 15: 2.00 pm

  1. Constitution of Assembly.
  2. Introduction of the next Principal Clerk.
  3. Draft Minutes of Sederunts not yet submitted to be read if required.
  4. Report on the Printing of Acts.
  5. Protestations called for.
  6. Appointment of Committee to Prepare Minutes.
  7. Act appointing the Commission of Assembly.
  8. Presentations to the Moderator.
  9. Moderator addresses the General Assembly.
  10. The Lord High Commissioner addresses the General Assembly.
  11. National Anthem.
  12. Dissolution.